Startup Profile: Virtuleap

Enhance VR app user interface

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What products are you offering?

Virtuleap´s flagship product, Enhance VR, is a cognitive training app in virtual reality (VR). Enhance VR offers a cognitive workout based on 15 short, intense, and fun gamified exercises inspired by validated neuropsychological tools. These exercises target specific cognitive abilities including memory, attention, problem-solving, orientation, processing, flexibility, and motor control. Working at the intersection between virtual reality and neuroscience, our goal is to develop immersive solutions that overcome traditional boundaries to support individuals in improving their cognitive fitness or mitigating any existing cognitive deficits.

Enhance VR app complete library of games

What is unique about your products?

Enhance VR harnesses the power of VR to deliver a comprehensive cognitive workout that addresses 16 specific subcategories across 7 major cognitive domains, paving the way for its potential application across several therapeutic indications in which cognitive function is affected. Some of these potential indications include mild cognitive impairment, traumatic brain injury, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, chemobrain, among others. The difficulty level of the games adapts to each user’s performance, ensuring engagement and sustained interest. Moreover, gamification contributes to maintaining motivation and increasing adherence to the program with Enhance VR. Importantly, Enhance VR enables the collection of a wide range of data in a controlled environment, namely cognitive, behavioral, and motor outputs. This rich dataset will be explored to identify predictive biomarkers of cognitive performance.

How do your products help patients and therapists?

Enhance VR constitutes a polished solution that takes advantage of the properties of immersive scenarios to provide more engaging and effective training in VR that we hope will improve cognitive function and health outcomes of patients suffering from cognitive deficits. The Enhance VR system is designed to be easily integrated into the daily practices of hospitals, care facilities, and other organizations but to be also used at home settings. Enhance VR is complemented by a series of Enterprise tools that facilitate its deployment and utilization by healthcare professionals: 1) the organizational dashboard, a web-based platform that enables organizations to access and download their own users’ data and scores, 2) the Remote Control tool that allows someone with permission to guide users remotely through a computer, tablet, or smartphone, that we developed thinking about users with lower digital literacy and 3) the Survey Engine, that enables organizations to add questions in the app, that can be presented before or after the games with any desired periodicity.

Stacker: training your planning skills in VR

How can one obtain your products and how much do they cost?

Currently, Enhance VR is available on several VR app stores (Pico, Oculus, SideQuest) with over 59,000 registered users using our application. We have several ongoing studies to investigate the potential applications of Virtuleap and to later support the regulatory package for approval as a medical device which is our long-term goal. Organizations interested in using Enhance VR and our Enterprise tools can contact us to discuss the best solution and price model tailored to their specifi c needs.

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