ISVR affiliated organizations

The International Industry Society in Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART)

IISART represents the interests of developers, manufacturers, and marketers of medical devices and their accessories, active capital medical equipment, and services in the field of robotics and advanced healthcare technology in rehabilitation. 

The Federative Research Institute on Disability (IFRH)

The IFRH (Federative Research Institute on Disability) was established in 1995 and is a federation of 32 research and clinical units distributed throughout the country (France). IFRH composition is very diverse. Among the IFRH partners (all linked by a common agreement) can be listed INSERM, CNRS, Major Hospital Systems, French and foreign Universities, Foundations, Educational Institutions, international networks, patient groups, incubators and technopoles, city and regional department of Economics and investments, professional societies….

The USC SensoriMotor Assessment and Rehabilitation Training in Virtual Reality Center (USC SMART-VR Center)

is a multidisciplinary center which brings together world-class investigators across movement science, engineering, neuroscience, and rehabilitation to study and develop virtual reality interventions for neurorehabilitation.
Our mission is to establish an interdisciplinary center of excellence harnessing cutting edge advances in virtual reality to improve motor and cognitive function across multiple clinical populations (e.g., stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s).


aims to stimulate the creation of VR based rehabilitation tools by bringing together relevant stakeholders and exchange knowledge. Working together in order to create the future.
Our goals are:
• Offering a platform to facilitate collaboration
• Linking ideas, people and business
• Providing and exchanging knowledge
• Initiating and showcasing new projects