Virtual rehab resources including relevant journals, listservs, and forums that focus on our emerging field of research. If you have a resource to share, contact us

Listservs & Forums

VRPSYCH – The Virtual Reality/Mental Health Listserv

To join, contact Skip Rizzo:
or visit the Facebook group

The primary purpose of this list is to provide an information-sharing and discussion forum for those interested in mental health applications using Internet, multimedia, and virtual environment technology. The membership includes a variety of clinicians, researchers, students, business and industry people, and others who have an interest in Internet, multimedia, and virtual reality issues in psychology, human factors, medicine, special education, computer programming, occupational therapy, publishing, and many other related fields. This is now the official listserver of The International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation.

The Presence Listserv

To join, visit our Web site

Presence-L is for announcements and discussion related to the concept of presence. Topics include, but are not limited to, causes and consequences of presence; measurement and other methodological issues; presence-related technological developments in the consumer, industry, and academic communities; philosophical questions/discussion (e.g., the nature of reality and why we seek to replicate it in virtual environments); medical, social, political, economic, and international implications of presence; planned and current research projects; conferences and publications; and social/fun stuff.”

3D User Interface Google Group and Web Site

To join the group, contact Doug Bowman

3D User Interfaces (3D UI) is an exciting field which spans a number of areas, including computer graphics, user interfaces, software engineering, psychology, human factors, art and design, and many others. It is also a rapidly maturing field, where new developments are happening every day, and interest in 3D UI is also rapidly growing. 3D UI is a mailing list devoted to discussion of various aspects of 3D user interfaces and interaction. The goal of the list is to provide a forum for discussion and information exchange for researchers and practitioners working in various fields related to 3D UI.”