Welcome to the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation
A Society for Professionals in Virtual and Tele- Rehabilitation

The society provides a multidisciplinary forum for engineers, scientists and clinicians who are interested in employing new technologies for physical, psychological, cognitive, and social rehabilitation applications. The purpose of the society is to encourage research in, education in, advocacy of, and improved collaboration between researchers, clinicians, industry and policy makers with regard to, virtual rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation.

Notice: We would like to inform our membership that the conference organized by WASET as ICVR 2018 is using our conference series name in a fraudulent manner, and is in no way sponsored by the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation. WASET is considered a predatory conference organizer. and we advice against considering this venue.

  • Motek Gait Real-time Analysis Interactive Laboratory
    Motek Gait Real-time Analysis Interactive Laboratory
  • ICDVRAT 2012 Delegate Group Photo - Laval France
    ICDVRAT 2012 Delegate Group Photo - Laval France
  • Surrey Virtual Rehabilitation System
    Surrey Virtual Rehabilitation System

Promote Discussion

Promote discussion of key issues & encourage clarity in research paradigms.


Devise a common reference set of terminology / standards / definitions

Create Opportunities

Create opportunities for collaboration and networking through newsletters, discussion forums, jobs advertising/jobs wanted, general news, member news, project partner finding and more

Represent the Community

Represent the community with respect to funding, government policies, consumer groups and other bodies

Provide Recognition

Provide recognition through awards for exceptional member activities

News and Anouncements

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