This section of the site is regularly updated with articles appearing in the press in connection with virtual rehabilitation and related technologies.


August 25 2013

The Gazette

Eastern Iowa rehab centers now using virtual exercise therapy. System tracks patient’s precise movements, allows them to ‘play’ during therapy sessions.

August 23 2013

Atlanta Journal Constitution

GRU professor selected as Fulbright Foreign Scholar – Akinwuntan’s research component will compare virtual reality-based rehabilitation with conventional strengthening and reaching exercises

August 20 2013

Humans Invent

Haptography: A digital future with feeling. As we saw in the previous article about haptics and virtual reality, the sense of touch is starting to be incorporated into digital technology!/13287/haptography-a-digital-future-with-feeling/

August 19 2013


Video games help stroke rehabilitation. Israeli researchers find video game-based therapy issues better results for patients recovering from stroke than traditional motor therapy,7340,L-4411100,00.html

August 15 2013


Hausdorff to receive GSA’s 2013 Excellence in Rehabilitation of Aging Persons Award

August 7 2013

TriValley Central

Rehab scientists aim to create virtual speech therapist. The university’s two-year study will add to the emerging field of virtual rehabilitation.  

August 5 2013

Medical Xpress

A novel motion tracking system assesses functional rehabilitation of the upper limbs

August 2 2013

Washington Post (blog)

The CDC just spent $626,000 on virtual reality. Here’s why

July 31 2013

The Guardian

Brain-to-brain interface transmits information from one rat to another. Electronically linked brains could facilitate rehabilitation and revolutionise computing

August 6 2013

Can fear be cured? –

“If you’re, say, frightened of heights,” says Prof Nutt, “then current exposure therapy means taking you up a tall building – or via virtual reality

July 27 2013


The U.S. Navy Will Use Kinect To Combat Sexual Assault