Speaker: Sergi Bermúdez i Badia, President, ISVR and ISVR board members

Abstract: During the annual general assembly, the ISVR president discussed the outreach initiatives undertaken by ISVR in 2021.

Updates on membership, past and future conferences were presented, along with a report from the ISVR treasurer.

Early Career Award: Marika Demers

Virtual rehabilitation for neurological populations: importance of multidisciplinary collaborations

Speaker: Dr. Marika Demers, Post-doctoral research fellow University of Southern California, USA Recipient of the ISVR 2021

Early Career Award Abstract: Virtual rehabilitation is promising for individuals with neurological disorders. The development of virtual rehabilitation applications and their clinical adoption often depends on the close collaboration between clinicians, researchers and industry. This presentation discussed the user-centered design process used to develop a custom exergaming 2D exergames for sensorimotor rehabilitation after stroke and the results of a validation study looking at the kinematic similarities of arm movements performed in a virtual environment. Finally, the results of a systematic review focusing on the integration of motor learning principles in intervention-based studies are presented to guide the development of future VR applications and clinical trials.

Distinguished Service Award: Skip Rizzo

Title: Clinical VR: What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been!

Speaker: Dr. Albert A. “Skip” Rizzo Director, Medical Virtual Reality – Institute for Creative Technologies University of Southern California, USA Recipient of the ISVR 2021 Distinguished Service Award

ISVR AGM 2020 


Annual reporting of ISVR to the membership, by Sergi Bermudez, President of ISVR

Presentation of the Upcoming ISVR events by Geoff Wright