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About ICDVRAT Archive

Lets make things better

This Archive contains all papers presented at the ICDVRAT Conferences between the years 1996-2016, together with supplementary material on conference locations and some pics from the conferences themselves.

ICDVRAT Archive Copyright

The copyright of all material on these webpages is retained by ICDVRAT, but equally, copyright is not withheld from authors who wish that their papers (or content within, e.g. images, graphs, data) be published elsewhere.

ICDVRAT Archive Hosting

This archive is freely available to anyone who should wish to host it. Please email for details. A necessary condition is that the content is hosted without any alteration to that provided.

CyberSquatter and the original *.ORG website

The original ICDVRAT website "www|icdvrat|org" was a good thing whilst it was there. Unfortunately, a Swedish cybersquatter has managed to capture the domain name. Please do not give him the time from your day and maybe he will eventually realise the futility of his endeavour. Many thanks!

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