ISVR Elections Results for 2012-2015 Terms of Office

The successful candidates for Election to the Board are (alphabetical):

  • Assaf Dvorkin
  • Kynan Eng
  • Belinda Lange

There were no additional nominations for the role of President.

  • Sue Cobb (Vice-President) was therefore confirmed in the role of President

There were no nominations for the roles of Vice-President and Secretary. Nominations were therefore subsequently solicited from within the Board and a vote was taken by the Board.

  • Mindy Levin was duly elected to the role of Vice-President
  • Cali Fidopiastis was duly elected to the role of Secretary

The terms of all six appointments is from January 2012 to December 2014.The Board wishes to extend its congratulations to all the successful candidates and its gratitude to all members who took part

Summary of election method/results:

  • Electorate: 185
  • Votes: 54 (29% turnout)
  • Spoiled: 3
  • Valid votes: 51

The election was decided by Single Transferable Vote, using the Droop quota: round_down[(valid votes/(seats to fill + 1) ) + 1] = 13. The Election Committee have scrutinised and approved the results of the ISVR election and the methodology used. This has now been approved by the ISVR Board.




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