2014 3DUI Contest task suggestions

IEEE 3DUI (3D User Interfaces) will be holding its 5th annual 3DUI Contest in 2014. The contest is open to anyone interested in 3D user interfaces, from researchers to students, enthusiasts, and professionals. They believe the annual contest helps the community find innovative solutions to classic 3DUI problems (e.g., navigation, selection, manipulation) through friendly competition that encourages outside-the-box thinking, unleashing of creativity, and demonstration of new interfaces!  The goal of the 3DUI contest is to both challenge and harness the 3DUI research community to solve real-world 3d user interface problems. See http://www.3dui.org/2013/contestants.html for last year’s contest.
This year they are opening up the creation of the contest task by reaching out to their friends across both academia and industry. They need your help to come up with contest ideas!  What are some challenges and unsolved problems in 3d user interfaces?
If you know of 
 – a 3D application that could benefit from a breakthrough user interface,
 – a 3D task that would benefit real users, or
 – a 3D commercial device that needs a killer application
they would like to here from you!
They will require contestants to demonstrate their system onsite live, so please keep this in mind when proposing ideas.
Please email your ideas by midnight July 1st at


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