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ISVR Elections Results for 2012-2015 Terms of Office

The successful candidates for Election to the Board are (alphabetical): Assaf Dvorkin Kynan Eng Belinda Lange There were no additional nominations for the role of President. Sue Cobb (Vice-President) was therefore confirmed in the role of President There were no nominations for the roles of Vice-President and Secretary. Nominations were therefore subsequently solicited from within the Board and a vote… read more →

Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2011 – Best Paper Award

Best Paper award: Emerging Concepts and Innovative Technologies subgroupNominated Overall Best Paper Award: Paper was scored in top 6 of 148 papersLange B. Rizzo A, Chang C, Suma EA, Bolas M. Markerless Full Body Tacking: Depth-sensing Technology within Virtual Environments. Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2011, December 3-6, 2011. Orlando, FL.       read more →

Wireless Health 2011, October 10-13, 2011 – Best Demonstration Award

Magic glove (UCLA) wins Best Demonstration Award. This magic glove used gaming to help patient with rehabilitation. Students from UCLA, Huang and Sarrafzadeh demonstrated a glove connected to the software similar to a Wii game. By playing this “Jewel Fetching” game, the patient would move his arm along with the fingers in a three dimensional fashion to fetch the jewel appeared on the… read more →

ISVR Member wins award at Laval Virtual 2011

Sebastian Koenig was announced as the winner of the award in the category Medicine and Health at the Laval Virtual Annual Awards ceremony, held in the Laval Theatre. His paper was on the Development of Virtual Environments for Patient-centred Rehabilitation. Sebastian has also set up a blog on his website for those interested in the Unity game engine and other… read more →

ISVR Sponsored Best Student Paper Award at ICDVRAT 2010

Assessing navigation in real and virtual environments: a validation study S T Koenig, G P Crucian, J C Dalrymple-Alford, A Dünser University of Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND For navigation ability, a transfer of knowledge from virtual training environments to real-world scenarios has been shown in several studies in the past. The purpose of this investigation is to demonstrate the equivalence of a series of… read more →

ISVR Sponsored Best Paper Award at ICDVRAT 2010

Integrated arm and hand training using adaptive robotics and virtual reality simulations A S Merians, G G Fluet, Q Qiu, S Saleh, I Lafond, S V Adamovich University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, USA Virtual Reality simulations interfaced with robotic arm devices are being used for training the upper extremity of people post-stroke. The benefit has been hypothesized to be the ability to… read more →

ISVR Sponsored Best Paper Awards at ICDVRAT 2010 : Shortlist Announced

Best Paper Shortlist: Using augmented reality to support the understanding of three-dimensional concepts by blind people, C Kirner, T G Kirner, R S Wataya, J A Valente, Federal University of Itajuba/Adventist University of Sao Paulo/State University of Campinas, BRAZIL Wearable device to assist independent living, R J McCrindle, V M Williams, C R Victor, A P Harvey,S R Nyman, J Barrett, H Hogarth, P Levene, R Smith, P Panek, G Edelmayer, P Mayer, P Needham, N Floratos,… read more →
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